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Commercial Loans - 1 Mil to 50 Mil
Residential Loans - 500K to 5 Mil (AZ/CA/WA/FL/NJ)

* Not available in NV, ND, & SD.

Commercial Loans 

We offer commercial loans for borrowers looking to purchase, refinance, or cash out of their commercial real estate investments across a variety of property types:

Retail Properties

Shopping Centers: From small strip malls to large regional malls, supporting acquisition, refinancing, or development.
Stand-alone Retail Stores: Tailored loans for franchise locations or independent businesses, focused on property purchase or refinancing.
Mixed-use Developments: Combining retail with other uses, such as apartments, ideal for acquisition, development, or renovation.
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Industrial Properties

Warehouses: For storage and distribution, supporting acquisition, construction, or refinancing.
Manufacturing Plants: For purchasing, expanding, or modernizing facilities.
Flex Spaces: Merging warehouse and office space, perfect for businesses needing both.

Office Properties

Class A Office Buildings: Premier spaces in central business districts for acquisition or refinancing.

Suburban Office Parks: In suburban areas, for businesses seeking more space at lower costs.

Medical Offices: For healthcare professionals, supporting acquisition, expansion, or renovation.

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Multifamily Properties

Apartment Complexes: For acquiring, developing, or renovating buildings with multiple residential units.

Condominium Buildings: For purchasing, constructing, or refurbishing units for individual ownership.

Student Housing: Near universities or colleges, for acquisition, development, or refurbishment.

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Residential Loans Powered By Rocket Mortgage TPO

Available in AZ/CA/WA/FL & NJ, our residential loans are tailored to homeowners and investors, facilitating the buying, refinancing, or cashing out of real estate investments:

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Single-Family Homes: Competitive rates and terms for purchase, renovation, or refinancing.
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Townhouses & Condominiums: Tailored solutions for acquisition or refinancing.
Simple Row Houses
Multi-Unit Residential Properties: For properties with 2-4 units, catering to investors.
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Investment Properties: Specialized financing for expanding portfolios.
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Vacation Homes: For the purchase or refinancing of second homes or vacation properties.

Our commitment extends to providing personalized service and expert guidance through the loan process, ensuring you find the right financing solution for your needs.

Turn Your Dream Home Into Reality

Why Choose Jumbo Loan Experts?

  •    Expert Guidance for All Borrowers

         Navigate the property acquisition, refinancing, or cash-out journey—whether it’s for residential or commercial properties—with experienced professionals by your side.

  •    Tailored Solutions for Every Need

         Our mortgage solutions are customized to fit your unique financial situation and growth objectives, catering to both personal and business aspirations.

  •    Trusted Network of A+ Lenders

         Connect with top lenders eager to fund deals like yours, ensuring the perfect match for all types of borrowers and lenders.

  •    End-to-End Support for Your Loan Request

         From the initial consultation to closing the deal, we offer comprehensive support for both residential and commercial loan requests, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

  •    Transparent Pricing for Mortgages

         Experience transparent pricing with no hidden fees, providing you with peace of mind throughout your property investment journey, whether it's residential or commercial.

Our Seven-Step Plan


Detailed Talk

We start with a deep dive into your property goals, whether you're buying new, looking for a better loan deal, or want to use the value of your current places to get money. We listen to your plans and make sure we’re on the same page.

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Personal Financial Review

You’ll get a special look at your money situation, where we check how your investments are doing and what you need for loans. This helps us find the best options for buying, refinancing, or getting cash out, making sure you're ready to make smart money moves.

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Market Knowledge

We give you the inside scoop on the property market, finding the best spots to invest or refinance, for both homes and businesses. We look at what’s happening in the economy, where interest rates are going, and how much properties are worth to keep your choices smart and strategic.

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Loan Options Just For You

Explore different loan choices that fit exactly what you need, covering both homes and business properties. Whether it’s a regular loan, a short-term bridge loan, or something more complex, we tailor our suggestions to match your goals, making sure you get the best terms and rates.

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Negotiation and Planning

We’re your champions in getting the best deal, using our skills to lower risks and arrange flexible loan plans that handle the details and size of your investments.

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Smooth Closing Process

The final steps are made easy with our help, taking care of every detail from paperwork to following rules, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch for both home and business deals.

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Help After Closing

Our support doesn’t stop once the deal is done. We keep giving you advice, updates on the market, and chances to refinance, helping you stay ahead in the real estate game. We’re here for your future needs and goals, making sure you’re always set for success.

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Our Mortgage Assistance FAQ for Both Residential and Commercial Properties

Q: How do you guarantee that my lender is knowledgeable about my specific market area?

Our service focuses on connecting you with lenders who are not just familiar with, but also specialists in your market and its nuances. This ensures they can provide insightful advice and customized research to support your property investment, be it residential or commercial.

Q: Is it possible to find a lender who specializes in handling loans of my size?

Certainly. We tailor our services to fit the size of your loan, matching you with lenders that have a track record of successfully managing loans within your specific size bracket, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction.

Q: What measures do you take to expedite the closing process?

We employ cutting-edge technology and uphold continuous communication to significantly reduce the closing timeline, aiming for a quicker and more streamlined completion of your property transaction.

Q: How do you assist me in exploring various loan options?

Understanding your unique investment objectives allows us to offer a range of loan options, including some that might not have been on your radar, to perfectly align with your investment strategy, whether for residential or commercial properties.

Q: What about clarity regarding application fees?

We stand by the importance of transparency. An upfront, detailed breakdown of all application fees, including processing and site inspection costs, is provided to ensure you face no unexpected charges.

Q: Will I have access to all essential reports needed for my loan application?

Yes, you will be furnished with all vital reports such as appraisals, credit analyses, and engineering assessments, essential for your documentation and future planning endeavors.

Q: How is advice on insurance requirements for my loan handled?

We offer guidance on navigating the insurance mandates pertinent to your loan and investment, recommending the necessary coverages to safeguard your property fully.

Q: In what way do you ascertain my loan needs and preferences?

Through in-depth conversations, we aim to comprehend your priorities—be it the interest rate, loan amount, flexibility, or other criteria—enabling us to customize our services to effectively address your specific requirements.

Q: Can the approval and underwriting process be simplified for me?

Our in-depth knowledge of the lender’s approval and underwriting standards aids in streamlining your application process, mitigating unexpected hurdles and setting clear, upfront expectations.

Q: What support is available for dealing with third-party reports and their fees?

We assist in managing the demands for third-party reports, providing insights into how they affect your loan terms and financial planning, ensuring you have a full understanding of their implications.

Our team is committed to supporting you through every step of the mortgage process, offering customized assistance and solutions designed to meet your diverse investment goals across both residential and commercial sectors.

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